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Boggs, Johnny D -The Killing Shot & West Texas Kill

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Boggs, Johnny D -The Killing Shot & West Texas Kill

Boggs, Johnny D -The Killing Shot & West Texas Kill.torrent
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Genre FICTION / Westerns mp3
The Killing Shot

“Unparalleled in evoking the gritty reality of the Old West” (Shootist), Johnny D. Boggs mixes adventure and realism with a torrid storytelling style all his own. In The Killing Shot, Deputy U.S. Marshal Reilly McGilvern is hauling criminals to Yuma when his prison wagon is attacked, and McGilvern is left locked inside to die. When another outlaw gang comes upon the scene, McGilvern thinks he’s lived to see another day—but his problems are just beginning.

West Texas Kill

Multiple Spur Award-winning author Johnny D. Boggs colorfully evokes the aura of the Old West. In West Texas Kill, the harsh lands between the Pecos River and the Rio Grande are ruled by renegade Texas Ranger Captain Hector Savage. Into this realm rides Ranger Dave Chance with a prisoner—a big-talking murderer—shackled to his side. An honest ranger, Sergeant Chance determines to deliver the locals from Savage’s bloody reign. But to succeed against such long odds, Chance must do the unthinkable—unshackle and arm his prisoner.


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The Killing Shot/Z01807_001_IN.mp356.5 KB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_002_C001.mp31.1 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_003_C001.mp32.9 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_004_C002.mp34.1 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_005_C003.mp32.9 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_006_C004.mp33.9 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_007_C005.mp33.2 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_008_C006.mp33.7 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_009_C007.mp33.8 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_010_C008.mp33.2 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_011_C009.mp33.1 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_012_C010.mp33.2 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_013_C011.mp33.5 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_014_C012.mp32.8 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_015_C013.mp33.1 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_016_C014.mp33.2 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_017_C015.mp33.4 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_018_C016.mp33.1 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_019_C017.mp33.4 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_020_C018.mp33.4 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_021_C019.mp33.2 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_022_C020.mp33.3 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_023_C021.mp33.4 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_024_C022.mp33.9 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_025_C023.mp33.6 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_026_C024.mp33.2 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_027_C025.mp33.6 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_028_C026.mp32.8 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_029_C027.mp33.8 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_030_C028.mp33.1 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_031_C029.mp33.3 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_032_C030.mp32.5 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_033_C031.mp32.5 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_034_C032.mp31.9 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_035_C033.mp32.7 MB
The Killing Shot/Z01807_PRE.mp3263.9 KB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_001_IN.mp390.6 KB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_002_C001.mp31.7 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_003_C001.mp34.3 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_004_C002.mp36.7 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_005_C003.mp34.6 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_006_C004.mp35.5 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_007_C005.mp34.9 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_008_C006.mp35.1 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_009_C007.mp35.1 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_010_C008.mp34.5 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_011_C009.mp34.8 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_012_C010.mp35.2 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_013_C011.mp35.5 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_014_C012.mp34.8 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_015_C013.mp35.6 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_016_C014.mp35.9 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_017_C015.mp35.5 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_018_C016.mp36 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_019_C017.mp35 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_020_C018.mp35 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_021_C019.mp35.3 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_022_C020.mp34.6 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_023_C021.mp34.4 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_024_C022.mp35.1 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_025_C023.mp34.7 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_026_C024.mp35.2 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_027_C025.mp35.3 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_028_C026.mp35.2 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_029_C027.mp35.3 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_030_C028.mp35.6 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_031_C029.mp35.9 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_032_C030.mp34.8 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_033_C031.mp34.6 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_034_C032.mp35 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_035_C033.mp34.2 MB
West Texas Kill/Z04270_PRE.mp3446.2 KB

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