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Lensman - 03 - Galactic Patrol

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Lensman - 03 - Galactic Patrol

Lensman - 03 - Galactic Patrol.torrent
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Written by EE Smith
Format: MP3


In the third of his Lensman series, Smith introduces Kimball Kinnison, who will be the hero of the next four books - Galactic Patrol, Gray Lensman, Second Stage Lensmen and (to a lesser extent) Children of the Lens. Kimball Kinnison graduates first in his class from the Academy, and is fitted with a Lens - the quasi-living symbol of authority that allows a Lensman to communicate telepathically (among other sundry powers).

Galactic Patrol deals with the earliest stages of Kinnison's career, starting with his graduation as a Lensman from the Patrol's academy. His graduation comes at a hard time for civilization. Organized pirates, known as Boskonians, have gained a great advantage with a new type of space drive, making their ships far faster than anything the Patrol can build. That is, with the exception of one ship, the Britannia. New and experimental, built to be the fastest thing in space, she has abandoned the traditional ray armament of a space ship for an offensive weapon much older - explosive artillery, fired at an opponent held in place by unbreakable tractor beams. Her mission is to capture a Boskonian ship of the new type intact enough to get the secret of her speed


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